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Autre Choix

Best Western by Nicky Johnston

It’s been a while since we’ve published a full editorial shot for De Choix. And what better way to come back at it than sharing a strong, empowering, uber beautiful story shot by fashion and celebrity photographer extraordinaire – but also one of the…

De Choix's Choix
De Tendence

De Choix’s Choix #1

Sometimes we like to think of the fashion industry as a gigantic pool. A pool so big you would never be able to swim from one side to the other. Actually, maybe you would, but it would take you many years and you’d probably…

Zaha Hadid RIP
Autre Choix

The Legacy Of Zaha

There are fields of the arts it’s quite hard to know anything about, unless you are part of a pretty tight inner circle. Architecture is one of them. Surrounding us constantly to the point where we almost forget it exists, architecture often become the…

De Tendence

Sharing Is Caring

Oops, the Swedes did it again! ‘Ready-to-share is the new ready-to-wear.’ The latest Scandi trend is about to take over the world, and we are not speaking of the latest Acne Studios’ design number. The Scandis – famous for their sharp eye when it…



Bold, sophisticated and edgy. This and more are the Marzooks: brother/sister duo behind one of the most interesting accessory brands we’ve spotted during PFW16. Passionate about art and aiming to challenge fashion’s boundaries in order to express individuality and uniqueness, Shouq and Fahad create…

Leur Choix


Jewellery expert and founder of Gemologue, Liza Urla was born in the region of Russia commonly referred to as the Far East. Spending her childhood between South Korea, China and Japan, she then moved to London so study Management, Economics and Finance, consequently entering…

Alice Rosati


Alice Rosati has one of those personalities which takes a minute to be figured out. Creative, somehow eccentric, captivating and uncontrollable, this young fashion photographer – who seems to live for the fun of it – actually has very high goals set for herself.…

De Tendence

Follow The Rainbow

First were the recently released Pre-Fall16 collections to inject new trends and inspiration within the fashion system. Then came fashion week, which – as wished and expected – brought in a whole wave of excitement toward the future of the industry and the way…

De Tendence

The Apple Of Our Eye

Technology is quickly becoming one of fashion’s BFFs. Yes, the tech monster has made it into the click and he means to stay. So harm yourself with some serious fashion knowledge to balance – boys, this is for you – and get ready for a future of technologic…

Looking Backward, Moving Forward
Autre Choix

Looking Backward, Moving Forward

As we enter a new chapter, all of the celebrations can result in us neglecting the memories from the year we are saying goodbye to. Don’t get me wrong, I am no one to dwell on the past and I often think how lucky…