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Autre Choix

De Choix Travels to Shanghai

We all know about the ones considered the biggest fashion weeks, as they catch both the media and social media sphere twice a year. New York, London, Milan and Paris rule, with some of the most sought after, renewed brands showcasing their latest collections…

Autre Choix

De Choix Travels To NYC

Happy New Fashion Year everyone! Yes, a brand new year in fashion has started this month, bringing along many eventful days, plane tickets and changes of time zone. As our team gets ready to move on to the next destination this week – which…

Nicky Johnston 5
Autre Choix

Best Western by Nicky Johnston

It’s been a while since we’ve published a full editorial shot for De Choix. And what better way to come back at it than sharing a strong, empowering, uber beautiful story shot by fashion and celebrity photographer extraordinaire – but also one of the…

Photo London
Autre Choix

What Not To Miss Chez Photo London ’16

Even tough it seems just yesterday that the first edition of the revealing event which animated London’s photo fanatics – Photo London – was coming to an end, it’s been a year already. And here it comes again, the biggest photographic event in the…

Lesley Barnes
Autre Choix

That Korean Glow

The Korean’s porcelain complexion is known and envied all around the world for its flawless and naturally glowing features. The results of Korean skincare routines really pay off, but also show how beauty does require a certain degree of hard work. South Korea is home…

Tennis for Kids
Autre Choix

Tennis For Kids

As the days have begun to lengthen and the sun seems to be beating down that little bit more, the usual reaction to summer looming over London comes as an undeniable consequence. Shorts, skirts and sandals are making premature appearances on the streets, all…

Zaha Hadid RIP
Autre Choix

The Legacy Of Zaha

There are fields of the arts it’s quite hard to know anything about, unless you are part of a pretty tight inner circle. Architecture is one of them. Surrounding us constantly to the point where we almost forget it exists, architecture often become the…

Coffee Doing Good
Autre Choix

Coffee Doing Good!

Ah, our coffee. A rainbow of options to choose from, none of which fails to provide that cozy, energising feeling. Coffee is always a good idea. Coffee and veggies anyone? It might not be the most fashionable of all beverages, but let’s be honest: what would…

To show or not to show?
Autre Choix

To Show Or Not To Show?

At the end of this fashion month, before to dig into the last of our Round Ups – coming up from Paris – we take some time to reflect on the end of an era of fashion shows as we know them. For quite e…