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Happy New Fashion Year everyone!
Yes, a brand new year in fashion has started this month, bringing along many eventful days, plane tickets and changes of time zone.
As our team gets ready to move on to the next destination this week – which we will not yet reveal – we begin our major #tb to all the most interesting things we’ve seen, smelled, ate and listened to in the course of this – soon to be over – fashion month.

First of all, let’s look back at our wonderful NY trip. We visited the city at the beginning of September in order to have a look around shows and showcases, meet few of the new US-based up and coming designers and take a breath of fresh American street style – our most favourite so far.
But before we get down to business and highlights our most favourite fashion moments from NTFW, we wanted to share with you some of the things we’ve experienced while in the City.

NYC vibe is something incredible, alike nothing we have in Europe and pretty much anything else in the whole world. Such a particular mix and mash of cultures, backgrounds, creative influences are combined here with history in a way that makes this city – even tough relatively old compared with our fascinating European capitals – a sort of archive of extremely relevant happenings, currents and events.
It never stops, it’s never quiet, it’s always buzzing.

It never lets you sleep, but constantly makes you dream.
Where to take a walk above the ground.
The High Line is a pretty incredible project, which we enjoyed in a few occasions, as it’s both a great way of quickly going from place to place, avoiding the traffic and business of the street-level, but also a relaxing spot for a walk immersed in the urban nature.
This street-above-the-street goes all around Manhattan.



Find more info and tours here.


Where to pass by.
Obviously, when in NY you’ve got to pass by Midtown, and possibly stay for a while, too. FYI, this part of Manhattan is probably the craziest, busiest and more crowded of all. Also, it divides the south part of the peninsula – ft. the village, meatpacking and all these cool places you should definitely check out – and the northern one – have you hear of Upper East and West side? Gossip Girl anyone?. It comes without saying that you will pass by it, whenever in NYC. Quick tip: just embrace it. Embrace the intensity of it all and look around, because even tough it’s a little insane, Midtown always looks great, both by day and night.





Where to be.
Coming from Europe, the Village will probably represent the most familiar scenario for you in NY. With it’s little streets which evade the block structure – dominant everywhere else in Manhattan – make this area the ideal corner where to get lost, and possibly experience some silence too!


A plus value: the Village is very close to a series of very fun and interesting locations such as the Meatpacking district and filled with gorgeous museums such as the Whitney Museum of American Art. Strongly recommended.


Visit the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Official Website here.


Where to look at.
Up, no matter where you are. NYC skyline offers some of the most breath-taking, incredible visuals.




Where to look from.
Up, still. Never loose a chance to check out the amazing roof tops which are spread everywhere in Manhattan. Our favourite one? Probably the incredible bar terrace – with a pool! – at the Gansevoort hotel, right in the heart of Meatpacking.


Visit the Gansevoort Hotel Official Website here.


(Finally) Where from to look at the City.
The Brooklyn Heights Promenade was definitely one of our most favourite locations in NY. Either getting there by Subway and strolling around this very suggestive part of Brooklyn in order to reach the Promenade, or getting there through Brooklyn bridge, the walk from or to the bridge offers a spectacular view of the city from far away.




What to eat.
You cannot leave NYC without having a slice of NY pizza. Famous for reasons we will never properly figure out, this junked up version of one of the most typically Italian dishes is best where bought at a random corner shop, eaten sitting down in the park. That’s a true experience.

If pizza was not your personal fave or you wanted to search for healthier options, Chelsea Market will certainly satisfy your expectation. This great melting pot of restaurants of all kinds calls for a proper tour, discovering the tastes and cultures which make NY, NY and New Yorkers some of the most internationalised eaters in the world.



Where to see some beautiful things.
Let’s be honest, it would be impossible to classify all the amazing museums and cultural spots NY has to offer. From the milestones of the MET and Guggenheim to the many underground galleries – all over the place and all waiting to be discovered – there’s a bit of everything. But if you are looking for something beautiful and not to common, we recommend the Neue Galerie: a museum of Austrian art which features some of the most famous paintings by 1900s artist Gustav Klimt. The paintings, along with the elaborated, liberty-inspired architecture provide an immersive experience into beauty and romance which you shouldn’t miss.

Visit the Neue Galerie Official Website here.


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