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De Choix’s Choix #2 : SAPOPA

Have you ever felt happy, confident and satisfied about your outfit – and your closet as a whole – until you put on a sport gear?

Exercise and heathy living are something we cannot avoid anymore as part of our every day routine, no matter how busy it might be. And we shouldn’t.
The benefits of practising any kind of sport – from running, to yoga to all the various innovative ways of doing fitness, which seems to be constantly multiplying under our eyes – are endless, and there are no excuses which prevent us from taking a walk in the park after a long, stressful day of work.

But gym clothes. Oh dear. That’s a totally different subject.
Somehow it’s true: who cares what I wear while I sweat?!
But not really!
Especially for the ones among us – let’s be honest, all of us – who consider fashion to also be a part of their every day lives, when it comes to sportswear, the struggle is real.

Some have tried to make it better. Lulu Lemon’s total looks are an evergreen chez pretty much any gym floor, Nike stands as the coolest when it comes to active wear, possibly because of its statement pieces which – since the brand’s launch – have also become fashionable as the cherry on top of a well thought RTW outfit.
Not to mention the various collaborations between some of the best designers in the world and brands such as Adidas – whose Stella McCartney’s collection literally flew off the shelves – and Nike, again – what’s up Sacai?

But the truth is that there’s a significant gap in the market when it comes to active wear which shall make us feel good, look good and which shall also be conscious and of good quality.
Well, turns out someone spotted that gap and decided to fill it.
That’s how Sapopa was born.
Sapper is an Italian brand of active wear which combines the practicality we require from our sport gear with the cuts and shapes of traditional Italian tailoring.
The result: an absolute bomb!




The buzz happening around the brand since its recent launch seems to be escalating to the point that this Milan-based project is going to be leaving its nest soon, in order to become international.

Following the belief of sport as a significant part of an happy life style and the desire of integrating sportswear in our every day outfits too, Sapopa proposes a new kind of sport apparel for stylish performers.
Without scarifying the comfort and performance required by any sportswear item, Sapopa gives us all the chance to look at our sportswear pieces under a completely different light.


Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 21.13.51

And while the fashion industry – in most cases – is shifting from sexy to comfy and from fitted to oversize, Sapopa provides the element of balance between the sexiness of sports apparel and the fashionable shapes designed by our favourite brands, with endless possibilities to play around with styling ourselves, still being comfortable, looking great, feeling great too.
Sounds like a dream come true?
Check it out yourself, we will definitely keep an eye on these guys.



Visit Sapopa’s Official Website here.

Follow Sapopa on Instagram.

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