Playful, eclectic, colorful, Lucy Folk’s homonym accessories brand has conquered the heart s of jewellery lovers and fashionistas all around the world since its launch in 2007. Inspired by her mother’s and grandma’s style, her travels and the beautiful nature of her home country – Australia – the designer creates unique pieces which are meant to make one feel special while wearing them. Grown up surrounded by her father’s patrons – fashionable women whose eccentric style strongly inspired her – as he used to own a cafe’ in one of Melbourne’s finest department stores, Lucy’s eyes were constantly filled with the beauty of everything surrounding her, from the clothes to the sparkly accessories, which ultimately became her passion and her – very – full time job. We chatted with Lucy about the evolution of her brand, her current inspiration and her plans for the future.

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Lucy, let’s start from you. Tell us about your background and how it has influenced you in your career.
I am from a very creative family and was always destined to be an artist in some form. I am lucky to have parents that supported me in my choices and encouraged my sister and I to follow our dreams, however big or small they were!

You’ve launched your brand – Lucy Folk – in 2007. In which ways has your style evolved since then?
Each collection has a quirky theme, that has often been inspired by my love of food. Stemming from growing up in the hospitality domain, working behind the scenes in my fathers cafes, getting my hands dirty and appreciating the form and flavour of food. Rather than following in my fathers footsteps, I decided to cook up my own recipes, with precious metals and gem stones, making them wearable but not edible. As the brand has matured the subject matter is changing and will continue to be highly thematic but has strayed from food and focuses on my lust for life. These strong themes dictate our marketing, events, visual merchandising and the jewels of course! The breadth of creativity is not limited to jewellery but we take pride in every media format visible and try to create a streamlined approach that is fresh, fun and intrinsic to the brand.

Do you think of accessories as a necessary complement to fashion?
Of course. An outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories.

What is fashion for you?
A passion, and my ultimate form of expression.

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You’ve been experimenting with a range of different products – from jewellery to sunglasses, hats and ultimately clutches – is there any of them you particularly enjoy creating?
I love it all! At the moment I find sunglasses particularly exciting, they are a new product category which has been creatively challenging which is important. It is essential to continue to learn about different materials and techniques to keep things interesting and to apply my knowledge to a new category.

What would you describe as the cohesive element between each piece you make, if any?
No matter the piece it always has some sort of signature of mine – a triangle motif, a scalloped edge, file marks, humour – it all falls under the same banner.

You’ve been described as ‘stand out’ by the New York Times and featured in magazines such as ELLE, WWD, Refinery 29 and i-D. Would you ever imagine for your brand to reach this level of success when you started?
I started as an artist and I never expected to establish a fully fledged accessories business. We have a long way to go but I am excited about what the future holds and the risks we need to take to get there!

What is your advice for young designers who are looking into starting their own label?
Be patient, stay true to your vision. Do things your own way. Take risks. Surround yourself with a fabulous team and establish strong personal relationships with the people you admire within your industry to gain knowledge, support and a sense of community.

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You’re stocked internationally and you’ve recently launched your flagship store in Melbourne. What next?
We are actively looking for a new site for a store in Sydney and we have a series of trunk shows that we are rolling out across Australia and in Europe/ USA. We have some exciting collaborations on the horizon. There really never is a dull moment!

What are your plans and wishes for the upcoming months?
I will be travelling to Paris to showcase my Resort collection in June. Then I will be in Europe for a Summer holiday and return home to finish the Spring/Summer collection. I will then head to the USA to shoot the collection and finish the look book. In September I will host a trunk show, start designing the Fall/Winter collection and then fly back to Paris at the end of September for fashion week and sales season.

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All Images Via Lucy Folk.

Visit Lucy Folk’s Official Website here

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