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That Korean Glow

The Korean’s porcelain complexion is known and envied all around the world for its flawless and naturally glowing features.
The results of Korean skincare routines really pay off, but also show how beauty does require a certain degree of hard work.
South Korea is home to countless among the world’s best beauty products, and the way in which women – but not only them! – take care of everything from skin to hair there is deeply rooted in their cultural background and heritage.

In most other places, beauty products – especially when related to skin care – are something women wonder about only when they reach that certain age when their very first lines start to come up, inevitably bothering them – maybe also scaring them? – and leading them to contemplate the need of introducing an anti-aging products to their skincare routine, in order to solve the issue.
Well, in Korea the process of solving the same issue – or we should say prevent it –  starts much earlier than when the issue itself becomes visible, and skincare is of major important for pretty much everyone since their preadolescence. Maybe even late childhood.
While this might sound delirious – why take care of something when you don’t actually have the need to?! – the South Koreans’ obsession with beauty starts at a very young age, which is the key to their beautiful healthy skin and that long-term glow.
Korean women grow up to become ravenous beauty consumers, but speaking of skin care, while most women within the Western world start taking real care of their skin as an attempt to erase all the mistakes they had made in their younger days, starting from taking into consideration SPF in order to preserve our skin from UV rays, Koreans catch the issue before it appears, which ultimately prevents it from appearing at all!

The official steps of the true Korean beauty ritual are under debate, but they normally range between 10 and 17 daily steps to be attended between the morning and pre-bed time and take between 15 and 40 minutes.
Forget the wash and go philosophy which gave birth to cleansing wipes and all that jazz: these processes require time and dedication.

For example, the most basic evening routine would include:
1. Eye Makeup Removal/Cleanse: Oil-based cleansers are the top trend in Korea. They melt even the heaviest make up away and leave the skin moisturized enough to be ready for the next layers of products to be applied afterwords.
2. Exfoliation: The result of this step is almost a delicate daily peeling, to help brightening the skin and clearing the pores from eventual traces of pollution and – of course – make up residues. 
3. Refresher: aka toner. This is fundamental in order to rebalance the skin’s natural pH after the cleansing and must be alcohol-free to prevent dryness. 
4. Essence: This step involves a range of products that are mix between a thicker toner and a lighter serum. General rule: Korean serums/essences are usually designed for single issues and must be combined according to the skin type and singular necessities of every person.
5. Ampoules: These are the proper serums. Occasionally avoidable if all of the other steps are attended regularly.
6. Sheet Masks: These are a special treatment to be attended twice a week to accentuate the performance of the different essences.
7. Eye Cream: The king of all skincare must haves. only one rule – never rub!
8. Moisturizer: Again, this step might be an avoided if all of the others are done properly and regularly, especially the following step.
9. Night cream: Overnight heavy treatment that targets enhancing the complexion while acting in the sleeping hours.
Finally, you must have heard about the wonders of Snail Slime: one of the best kept Korean secrets up to some time ago and now the ultimate cream to brighten and lighten up skin complexion to unknown levels.

The order in which the products should be applied is – in most cases – quite crucial, but if you are determined to try out the Korean skin diet and are unsure of the order in which to attend your routine, here’s a little trick for you: just notice the product’s consistency. More watery solutions should be applied first, while thicker and creamier textures are to be left last.

The steps are not set in stone – obviously – but no matter how lazy you are, you should give this skincare routine ago, maybe start with an express version of it?
The Korean concept is all about layering and hydration as the key to an healthy skin. Wrinkles’ worst enemies are moisture, antioxidants and SPF.Even the most basic routine, if attended regularly for some time, will guarantee you a bright and dewy base that no make up could ever fake.

Luckily, thanks to the Korean boom, all of these products are easily available online on the number one authority about Korean beauty, Peach and Lily.
Get ready for the best skin you’ve ever had, no matter the age.



Featured Image by Lesley Barnes via Handsome Frank

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