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De Choix’s Choix #1

Sometimes we like to think of the fashion industry as a gigantic pool. A pool so big you would never be able to swim from one side to the other. Actually, maybe you would, but it would take you many years and you’d probably be remembered forever if you did.

Let’s pretend that everyone wanted to dig in this pool, at least a little bit. Let’s say they kinda needed to.
Everyone’s best option would probably be choosing one side of the pool and take a swim around it, rather than thinking of the scarier, larger surface they wouldn’t get too see an experience.

That’s what most people do in fashion: they choose a corner of the pool and keep swimming there, part because they feel secure about it, part because – after swimming in one particular side of the pool for a while – choosing one corner, one side of it over all the other ones tends to become a statement to be embraced as part of their identity.

One can change corner – or side – of course. No one would obliged you to wear the same things forever! And you shouldn’t force yourself just because you’re comfortable in the same side of the pool. People change, their style with them and it’s incredible to notice how much the events of our lives – the places we live in or visit, people we meet, joy, pain – often affect how we want to look, therefor what we wear.
The most important thing to remember whenever in front of a myriad of options – such as in fashion – is that despite our capacity to make choices and combine things together – because that’s the fun part! – each choice inevitably excludes another.

That’s why a little help when choosing comes handy, especially for the ones who might be great at many things – numbers? – but for whom fashion doesn’t come just as natural.
That’s where we come in. Us, the stylists, the personal stylists and the consultants have the task of making anyone feel as great as possible in their own skin, via the fashion they wear.

Knowing your clients and what they’re going to through, what stage at they at in their lives is important. But it’s also good to surprise them every now and then, pitching brands they might not know, options they might not consider but which – we think – they’ll end up loving.

So today we want to leave you with two brands we’ve recently discovered and which you might not know, but which you will most definitely love.
Because they are special and they make very special fashion, they are not for all tastes, but certainly refreshing in their approach, despite that fact that they are both long-term business.
At the end of it, come back to us: we will ask you what we usually ask our clients when pitching them a brand new option for themselves: yay or nay?!

Isabel Sanchis
Spanish brand based in sunny Valencia, Isabel makes couture.
Obsessed with details and the quality of her fabrics, her pieces are thoughts for special occasions to be forever remembered and they are made to be forever kept and cherished. Why choose another gown from one of your favourite brands or the ultimate trendy party dress when you could have something absolutely unique?

Isabel Sanchis 16

Isabel Sanchis 15

Isabel Sanchis 2

Isabel Sanchis 3

Visit Isabel Sanchis’ Official Website here.


Yolan Chris
Family business based in Barcelona and directed by two sisters- Yolanda and Christina – Yolan Chris makes bridal dresses. But before you just shut down this page and take a walk, wait for it: labels are not always a positive thing. Yes, most of Yolan Chris’ pieces are though of as wedding dresses, but the truth is that you’d want to wear them everywhere… and at your wedding. White and ethereal, featuring the most precious lace and made by the Spanish duo – whose craftsmanship was taught to them by their skilled mother – these dresses will leave you breathless.

YC 2

YC 5

YC 9

Visit Yolan Chris’ Official Website here.


All images via Isabel Sanchis and Yolan Chris.Β 

Original Collage.

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