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Sharing Is Caring

Oops, the Swedes did it again!
Ready-to-share is the new ready-to-wear.’

The latest Scandi trend is about to take over the world, and we are not speaking of the latest Acne Studios’ design number. The Scandis – famous for their sharp eye when it comes to innovation and ways of matching it with their indisputable sense of fashion and design – got it right, once again.
ShareWear is the new way to be sustainably fashionable.
The project – powered by VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute – is the second step of an initiative called Democreativity – ‘an open invitation from Sweden to explore the potential of creativity and highlight diversity and underrepresented ideas’ – which this year focuses on fashion, consciousness and sustainability.

The initiative, born and raised on Instagram, ultimately aims to promote a ‘style money can’t buy’: green and reducing textile waste.
Instead of constantly buying too many garments we’d end up trashing, ShareWear promotes sharing as an affordable way to get new clothing and have an updated wardrobe at all times, zero costs involved.

The first Shareware collection featured garments especially crafted for the initiative by some of Sweden’s most famous fashion brands – such as Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, Nikolaj d’Etoiles, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Weekday and Whyred – but from now on, everyone can become a sharer by simply snapping a photo of something from their wardrobes and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #sharewear.

The rules for sharing and borrowing are very easy, but timing is key.
Search for the hashtag #sharewear on Instagram and after you’ve spotted what you’d like to borrow, make sure you’re quick to comment, as only the first person who does gets to actually borrow the item.
Once the garment is secured, all you need to do is set up a meeting with the current temporary ‘owner’ and pick it up.
Done! That particular item is yours and you get to keep it for one week before you have to repeat the process and share it further.

No wonder it all started on Instagram, the millennia’s favourite platform where to spot, get and now share temporary trends.
We wish best of luck to this ambitious project to grow and prosper, We all know that the social media has a dangerous power: it gives glory and takes it away with the same speed, but we do wish for this revolutionary project to be much more than a passenger trend.
This idea is just too good to be forgotten after getting a bunch of instalikes.



Visit ShareWear’s Official Website here.

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