Bold, sophisticated and edgy. This and more are the Marzooks: brother/sister duo behind one of the most interesting accessory brands we’ve spotted during PFW16. Passionate about art and aiming to challenge fashion’s boundaries in order to express individuality and uniqueness, Shouq and Fahad create luxury art forms inspired by architecture and nature, following an ethos of non-instinticve thinking and the principles of surrealism in order to push boundaries, brake norms, create something new. Fascinated by their pieces and eager to find out more, we decided  chat with Shouq – CEO of Marzook – about the brand, their dreams for the future and the hidden symbolism of their innovative shapes.


Who’s behind Marzook?
Fahad AlMarzook is the Creative Director, while Shouq AlMarzook is the CEO of the company.

Tell us something about your story and how did it lead you to launch your own accessory brand.
Marzook is a name that identifies both of us as brother/ sister duo, represents our ancestral business drive and the modernity of our combined styles. Fahad handles the creative side of things and I completely trust his judgement about what will our next collection look like, just as he trusts me with the direction I foresee for our brand.

What is fashion for you and what does it mean to be fashionable?
Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing who you are. It’s an art form dedicated to the creation of style. To be fashionable means to express you personality through your style.

Why did you choose accessories as medium to express your creativity?
Accessories can make or brake an outfit. You can dress up or dress down depending on your accessories, they identify your look.

What do you drawn inspiration for your creations from?
Fahad always finds inspiration when he travels. We will be sitting in a coffee shop in Paris or an art gallery in LA and he would look over to me and say ‘I know what our next collection is going be!’. As for myself, I love to read about anything and everything really, from history to art and architecture. I often happens to me to stumble across a piece of writing that intrigues me and discuss with Fahad how we can apply it to Marzook.



Tell us about the meaning of the circle.
The circle is a profound, transcendent symbol. It is said to represent the cycle of life, completion, inclusion, heaven, eternity, and the universe. Marzook expresses the interlocking creative relationship of our brother/sister duo through the intertwined double ‘O’ letters. For any partnership there needs to be a certain level of trust and respect. Fahad and I completely trust one another’s idea of what we want our brand to be. We are dependent on each other’s decisions and we rely on one another for support.
To be an innovator within the fashion industry you have to create something new – a new silhouette, for example – something that is not available in the market but it is also something every woman would want to get her hands on. The idea of the circle came to Fahad before rebranding the company. He thought of his previous collections and realised that the style among the ones he had designed which stood out the most was the one of his circular clutch – which was  smaller and more on the oval side at the time. The circular bags represent our bond together as brother/sister and the identity of Marzook.

Who was to first come up with the idea for Marzook?
Fahad designed his first collection in 2008. We then joined together in 2010 and rebranded Marzook with a new, fresh and modern identity.

What were the biggest challenges you’ve had to face in the process of launching your brand?
The biggest challenge we’ve faced is the element of the unknown. It is difficult for any new emerging artist or creative to make his/her dream happen easily, as you have to understand every aspect of the business: logistics, branding, marketing. The easiest and most fun part is creating and design, but all the other elements that make up the components of the business are the difficult part. Plus, there really isn’t aren’t guidelines on how to succeed as a designer, you have to work hard believe in yourself and your brand.

What are in your opinion the most important things to remember when working in the fashion industry today?
To be an innovator, not an imitator. That is single handily the most important thing about design. You want to create a new silhouette or a new design that is not available in the market otherwise you have nothing to offer.

What makes Marzook different from any other accessory brand and unique?
Its eccentric spirit. Marzook gives a new, fresh perspective on accessories.

What are your goals for the future?
The future looks bright for Marzook. We are working on interesting collaborations, bolder designs, and more.


Visit Marzook’s Official Website here.

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