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Here’s another great example of how the marriage between fashion and technology is set up to make our lives a lot easier. A lot. Let’s keep getting inspired, shall we?

When shopping for footwear, finding the perfect pair is most likely a recurrent statement in the process, not to say the supreme goal of it all.
Trendy style or classic cut?
Is the shape flattering your feet?
Will the heel be manageable – or shall we say walkable?
You’d wish it was over already, but guess what? The trickiest dilemma is still to come: the size.

The issue of choosing a size when shopping is common, but nowhere close to be talked about enough. It’s not only about shoes: people have issues picking their size on a daily basis wether buying luxury or browsing high street’s options. Not to talk about the different sizing and fits that characterise certain luxury labels we love. From the tiny sizes of Valentino to the complicated fits of Sacai, pretty much anything available out there is meant to have you questioning your size.

The core of this issue, then, regards denim, as jeans are known to be particularly tricky in terms of sizing: too tight on the waist and loose on the leg? Simply too tight? But will they stretch? And if so, how much?
Let’s be honest: what would you give to know the exact measurement of your every curve and with it the guarantee that a certain pair of jeans you decided to purchase was actually the right one for you?
Sit tight, because right now the perfect pair of jeans – just as anything else – is just a scan away.

Bodymetrics is a company that has recently came up with a 3D body scanning device – developed by adopting Microsoft Windows Kinect technology, the same used for the Xbox console – which is able to scan any body type in a matter of seconds and create a virtual avatar that enables the user to see the most suitable items for his shape.

Bodymetrics – whose headquarters are based in London – and their 3D mapping has already been adopted by Selfridges and featured in some high street stores, but the technologies around this revolutionary device are in constant development. In the future, we might be able to sync Bodymetrics’ calculations directly to our smartphones, which would enable online retailers too to provide the most suitable looks for us to virtually try on.

The factor of getting home and realizing that your purchases doesn’t quite the fit is not only a disappointment, but adds an uncomfortable layer of stress to any shopping experience. This might be one of the reasons for the raising popularity of online shopping, where – at least – the time and effort spent on choosing one or more items gets speeded up a notch. Body scanning will hopefully help minimising any un-satisfaction, bringing the customers back to enjoying their shopping experiences to the fullest.

Of course, there’s a long way to go in order to perfection Bodymetrics’ 3D scanning tool. For instance, the way in which fabrics fall and drape on the body is a feature whose reproduction is yet to be completely mastered. However, the idea of let technology do the hard work in choosing the most suitable pieces for each and everyone out there already warms us up with release and excitement.
Bodymetrics might be the pipeline to change the way we shop, once and for all.


Visit Bodymetrics’ Official Website here.

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