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Coffee Doing Good!

Ah, our coffee. A rainbow of options to choose from, none of which fails to provide that cozy, energising feeling. Coffee is always a good idea. Coffee and veggies anyone?

It might not be the most fashionable of all beverages, but let’s be honest: what would mornings be without coffee?
Truth be told, for many of us a pop of caffeine is certainly at the very top of our daily to-do list.

Being it a shot of espresso or a soothing latte, our hectic lives often call for an extra boost as we get ready to face a new day. From the ones who think of coffee as a guilty pleasure to the true aficionados – able to taste even the slightest hint of burnt – some take their morning ritual very personally.
Coffee never lets you down, because every mug of this black elixir has its own character, just as each and everyone of us.

A new venture, just landed in the streets of London and called Change Please, is trying to make our daily coffee a little more personal by asking a very simple question: What if your morning coffee could change the lives of many?

Developed by non-profit organization Change Please and supported by The Big Issue Foundation, this project poses to tackle homelessness throughout London, giving them with jobs chez their coffee carts. A way of giving homeless people the chance to see the potential they really have, empower them and give them the necessary skills to become fully trained baristas, this project goes way beyond making London’s coffee lovers happy by serving them few extra cups.

Through training and working, given the opportunity to use professional equipment, the trainees are able to truly experience what it means to make great tasting coffee. Getting back into work  allows them to earn not only a wage, but also a sense of worth. Change Please also helps the ones taking part into the scheme in the process of finding them not just appropriate, but permanent accommodation, underwriting tenancies to give landlord reassurance of their soon to be tenants.

Change Please carts can now be found at Kennington Station, London Bridge and Shadwell overground: all prime spots for caffeine hits. The next location coming up will be the Walkie Talkie building and – hopefully – from there, the initiative will spread a lot more within London, but also to other cities across the UK.
Either if you’re a true coffee expert or just an occasional coffee drinker, make sure you give it a go: the project takes great pride both in its ultimate purpose and in the quality of the coffee itself. Change Please‘s beans are sourced from all over the world and roasted right here in London at the Old Spike Roastery in Peckham, while the aromas will rotate depending on the season, in order to keep the taste fresh.

Helping this exciting initiative by changing the location and venue of your morning coffee even so slightly, you could be part of something which is set to bring a significant change in many lives. Using the words of Change Pleases founder, Cemal Ezel: ‘If we all changed where we bought our coffee we could change the world’.


Visit Change Please’s Official Website here.

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