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First were the recently released Pre-Fall16 collections to inject new trends and inspiration within the fashion system. Then came fashion week, which – as wished and expected – brought in a whole wave of excitement toward the future of the industry and the way in which we will be dressing while moving toward it. Daring is quickly becoming a way of caring, but also showing. Creativity, innovation, empowerment.

Monochrome can be scary.
But just as any other fear, overcoming it often leads toward beautiful surprises.

Surprise was the general feeling chez Ashish’s Fall16 fashion show – which took place during LFW – as a series of monochrome, sparkly, curled-to-perfection and vaguely retro models stepped down the runway, capturing anything around them from the light to the eyes of the audience’s members.

A riot of sequins, embellishments and sparkly fabrics, Ashish’s latest collection injected the ultra cool, London-based brand with new femininity, following the same inspirational line which began with their ss16 collection.
Forget the distressed, scratched denim and the huge camouflage jackets which we saw in the past: this season was all about happy colours and bows and mini dresses, further edited from last spring and cleansed from the latest bits of oversized and androgynous to become purely girly fun galore.

Ashish 19

Ashish 3

Ashish 17


But Ashish Gupta was not the only designer whose bravery let him to overcome the fear of monochrome and bring this tricky trend to new sensational heights.
In fact, while LFW was slowly coming to and end, Milan’s fashion houses were getting ready to start their own showcase, which happened to be pretty epic this season.
MFW was finally revived and resurrected from its status of in-between the creative excitement of London – which instead fell short this season – and the cherry on top which is Paris.

King of them all: Gucci.
Ah, Gucci, Gucci, Gucci. The hard-core prove that a designer is as good as his last collection, but also that in a couple of seasons everything – and we mean everything – can change, from the way in which a certain brand is perceived among the audience and the press to actual sales and commerciality of it.
Since his appointment as Creative Director of historical Italian fashion house Gucci, Alessandro Michele has been hitting it hard and on his own term.
key word: revolution.
Style, aesthetic, even the iconic Gucci woman were scrubbed up and redesigned to fit into the new century, the modern world and today’s fashion industry where intellectuality and empowerment and triumphing over sexiness and femininity.

Feminine it certainly is, the new Gucci. Especially in its Fall16 monochrome ensembles, which we saw down the catwalk few days ago and which instantly became top five favourite of the season so far, must haves and capital letters written items of our wish list.

Differently from Ashish – who took the monochrome theme pretty literally, making it the fulcrum of his inspiration and communicating a message of peace and happiness through his rainbow-collection – Michele embedded the monochrome within his collection, making it a feature, enriching but not necessary.
Choice is key when choosing how to wear Gucci and Michele is getting better and better at providing endless choices to his women.
Wear it all, wear some of it, combine it differently.
Stylists’ eyes sparkle, editors clap and buyers swallow headache pills to make it through the end of the show.
Altogether is majestic, it’s fantastic, it’s surprising and exciting. It’s dark and it’s bright, it’s clever and totally useless at the same time.
Gucci today is the quintessence of the fashion as we all dream of.

Gucci 3

Gucci 1

Gucci 7


Original Collage.

All Images Via Vogue Runway.

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