Multi-tasking might be one of the most valuable skills to have today, in the fashion industry and everywhere else. Technology, design, innovation and creativity all work together under the same hat, sharing the same inspiration in order to create new, beautiful products. 

The person behind Multi Media brand CTKVI is CNMKNG. After endless experimentations and undergoing a name change in the past year,  Calvin Aaron Nicholas Mckoy has created a unique platform featuring all sorts of arts, from music to illustration to fashion,  injected with technology. With a past as musician, constructing beat tapes and releasing them exclusively on SoundCloud, CNMKNG is now preparing for his actual debut in music, while still finding innovative ways of portraying his sound through visuals. We caught him for a chat about how he created his multi-media empire and what’s in store for the future.

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What is art for you?
The best way I can explain my art is as a narrative of the music I make. I always make a effort to find the right image to compliment the story I’m trying to tell the listener. So at one glance – and hopefully from listening – one would understand.

What is technology?
Technology has made everything more accessible. Easier to see, easy to learn, easiest in regards to forging communication. The term is coined in every gadget that we use, whether its our mobile to our computer, being on the internet, playing games. Its infledged in every bit of life.

Would you say that the union between the two is becoming necessary in today’s art world?
Certainly. Seeing the world’s art, technology reaches its best too. A simple hashtag from a gallery on twitter or Instagram can now be at the front end of an endless search within the space of a minute. What once was extremely tough to see and experience can now be flung to the side. At this point, it’s all about controlling expectation and choosing what we want to actually experience in person.

Tell us about the art you do at CTKVI.
Currently we specialise in various styles of Cartoon Vectors. My designers work tirelessly to produce unique content every week. Putting our heads together and thinking what would our little fanbase like to see, as well as enticing folks to do business with us is part of what we do.

What do CNMKNG and CTKVI stand for?
I think it would be best to explain these two entities in a bit more depth: my actual name is ‘Calvin Aaron Nicholas Mckoy’, which in short is CANM. My starsign is Leo, the King.
CANMKING  comes from the union of the two, shortened into CNMKNG. That is the name under which I’ll be making music. CTKVI stands for Charles The Kid VI, this being my old moniker. The name Charles was derived from a cartoon show called The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. I enjoyed watching Charlie figuring out his daily problems and finding solutions to solve these issues. The Kid is for the fact the cartoon show was for kids, although I still watch it.

Your website quotes: ‘Music Ain’t a Sound. It’a a Feeling’. Tell us whats does this mean for you.
I could actually talk about this for years but to put it short, when I’m doing anything in the field of music, it always gives me this unexplainable feeling. Whether I’m listening to my favourite rapper/singer/instrumental/soundtrack/filmscore/TV Theme – listening to my iPod on shuffle would surely make a few laugh – it’s just the happiest feeling imaginable. Since a very young age, I’ve always known hat music is just a excellent way to express ones self, no matter the emotion.

How were CNMKNG and consequently CTKVI born?
CTKVI was before CNMKNG.  CTKVI the name was born eight years ago, while the Media Company was created two years Aago. Last came CNMKNG, about one year ago.

What would you define as your major inspiration source?
Talented creatives in all fields of art.  Majorly fresh music creators too. The main reason why I made Dr SoundCloud is to find unheard talent and to showcase it.

Looking at CTKVI on Instagram, it’s pretty clear how you’re drawn toward hip-hop culture. Were you always passionate about it?
For some reason I can’t recall the first hip-hop music I heard, but I do remember the first real hip-hop album I owned, which was Snoop Dog’s Last Meal. It was given to me from a close friend of my mum’s. I’ve always loved the story telling in hip-hop, especially talented MCS such as Guru, Willie The Kid. La The Darkman, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Blu. My list could go on forever.

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Through CTKVI you’ve portrayed quite a few extremely famous musicians such as Adele, LL Cool J, Rihanna and Notorious B.I.G. among others. What characteristics makes you want to portray someone?
People who have made a staple in there life. People who will be remembered years from now, as in some ways they’ve created a legacy that will be set in stone.

In which ways do you plan to evolve your business and your creativity with it?
Business wise it’s just a day at a time and remaining consistent with how we showcase our content. Creativity wise, we are looking to make a mini cartoon series.

Do you see yourself and CTKVI getting involved with fashion in the future?
We certainly do and already have. Great designs and really cool garments go well together, especially when combined organically to create a unique outcome.

Where do you see yourself in five year time?
A successful self made force through. CNMKNG|, CTKVI and DRSOUNDCLOUD all started with peanuts. Now we are light roasted. With the five-year period we want to be cashew. A story of nuts, imagine…

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Visit CTKVI’s Official Website here.

Listen to CTKVI Music on SoundCloud here.

All Images Courtesy of CTKVI.

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