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Did you check out our previous trip? We went to China! We promise, there will be more to come in the future and even if they might not required your travel kit to be packed, they’ll hopefully provide a source of inspiration for yourself and – ideally – your own future trip. Read along and tell us if you agree with our views on the Danish capital!

Some times, a trip is carefully planned in advance.
A certain place is chosen depending on the season, a list of to-dos is compiled before departure and you might as well buy a tour guide if visiting a city – do people still buy these?

Some other times, you just need to GTFO.
So when a group of of friends featuring some of the loveliest people you know suggest a trip to Copenhagen at the end of January – notoriously the most depressing month of the whole year – you book, you pack and you go.

Then you think: Copenhagen is in Scandinavia. Scandinavia is that place at the very North of Europe – I mean, North – which means cold. January and February are possibly the coldest of all months. That’s pretty much when you realise why finding good flights at a reasonable price and a nice accommodation had never been easier.
Yes, it was cold, but definitely not traumatising cold. Something in between London and the let’s have a glass of wine at lunch to keep us warm kind of cold, which was killed by a pair of under-tights and warm gloves.


Landscape 2

Plus, if Copenhagen happens to be so amazingly amusing, interesting, captivating and fun at this time of the year, can you imagine it during the summer?
Honestly, I can’t and that’s why I’ve made it a promise to go back in the happy capital of Denmark as soon as possible.
Next time, I might as well rent a bike and stop feeling like a total outsider.


There’s something special about Copenhagen. During my time there, I couldn’t help but feel that feeling of weirdness which is probably one of the reasons why everything seems to be unique.
There’s a weird atmosphere is Copenhagen. People are a little weird. There’s a weird amusement park in the middle of the city. Yet, all this is meant in an extremely positive way which means different, which means interesting, which means special.
Yes, this city is special and – despite it being very well insert within a modern, international context – its ability to preserve that something different from everything else. That vibe of unique craziness which no Starbucks – or any other result of global landscape – could ever beat.


Landscape copy

One warning: people might make fun of you. You might not get their jokes.
Just laugh anyway, ok? Be cool.

Dodgy and extremely fascinating at the same time, Christiania is the mostly autarchic and really anarchist  community located within the Danish capital, not too far off from the very heart of the city.
What do people do here and how they live is sort of a half-hidden mystery. Everyone knows about it, yet nobody really knows how things go down here.
Obviously, you shouldn’t miss it if you’re ever in Copenhagen. Just, don’t bring kids along.

Christiania 1



I must say, one of the biggest regrets of being in Copenhagen in the middle of the winter was to miss a chance of entering the magical world of Tivoli.
Still, passing by the iconic fun park located steps away from the Central Station, it’s impossible not to be captures by its colourful rides, peeking from over the closed gates. The aura of weird craziness that surrounds it – even at winter time – definitely makes it one of the most fascinating places I’ve seen.
If you happen to pop by Copenhagen, do go! And bring the kids this time, you’ll probably share the same excitement about it.



A fantastic food market and quintessential expression of the happy attitude which characterises any proper Dane, Torvehallerne is a great place for brunch, lunch, a snack, a glass of delicious wine and some shopping too. Basically, everything you want from your favourite food market. It reminded me a little bit of Borough Market in London, or maybe of what Borough Market could be if everyone walked a lot slower, ate a lot more and smiled  all the time.
This brings us to the must-try food you must look out for once in Copenhagen: the traditional Smørrebrød, an open sandwich whose ingredients vary depending on the season and whichever version of never misses out on being absolutely delicious. No street food ever seemed closer to a proper gourmet delicacy.

Food 3

Food 2


The Design Museum 
One of the things Danish people are most proud of – and most known for – is their design. Particularly speaking furniture and interiors, but also within he realms of fashion and architecture, the Danes have marked history with their excellent design skills. The best moments of which are all collected and showcased chez the Design Museum of Denmark. Hosting a permanent exhibition on the story of international and Danish design, but also interesting temporary ones, this is possibly the best destination for all lovers of the Scandi minimalistic aesthetic and its influence in all things modern.

Design Museum 1

Design Museum

Visit the Design Museum of Denmark’s Official Website here.


All original images shot by me with Canon EOS1200D.

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