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The Apple Of Our Eye

Technology is quickly becoming one of fashion’s BFFs. Yes, the tech monster has made it into the click and he means to stay. So harm yourself with some serious fashion knowledge to balance – boys, this is for you – and get ready for a future of technologic outfits. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, just carry something fluffy. That always does the trick. 

Who would have ever expected this?
For the first time since its launch back in 2007 Apple’s iPhone is showing a decrease in sales.

The information was released by the Cupertino tech giant and relates to the company’s expected revenues. So far the numbers have been below the forecasts.
As surprising as the news might be, this felt like the right time to research a bit more on Apple’s world and how it relates to fashion and its users.

Most trendsetters spend roughly two thirds of their day on their iPhones, photographing, sharing and all that jazz. Especially during the busiest months of fashion weeks and pre collections, life without our devices seems almost impossible.

Practicality aside, fashion brands have recently started taking over such a significant side of the market: merchandising on cases and the accessorising our iPhones have quickly become a fashionable must have.
But what’s in store for the future?

Apple and Fashion is by no means a new update on our newsfeed and we’ve also became accustomed to the ever-growing relationship between them. There is an obvious connection between fashion and technology and Apple’s biggest nods towards this combo was probably hiring Angela Ahrendts from Burberry and Paul Deneve from Yves Saint Laurent.

This pair are by no means the only individuals with a fashion background working chez Apple’s headquarters, Apple is becoming our go-to on all things tech-design.
It may not be too long before their in-store experience becomes second to none within luxury fashion.

The Apple watch has been the highlight of this relationship and after their latest collaboration with Hermés it seem fair to say we are on the way to seeing a lot more. The first release of this partnership includes a range of colours and shapes: the single tour, the classic double tour, and the cuff all framing the exclusive tech watch.

We still seem to be slightly sceptical at the idea that the provider we rely on for all of our creative needs might enter our daily struggle of what to wear. However, due to the advancement of apps and the digital revolution, we might have very little options but to adapt and embrace the change.
In 2007 – when Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPhone – I doubt he would have expected it to acquire any kind of fashion connotation either, but being fashion and technology two of the most influential fields, they’re marriage was nothing but a necessary consequence of their mutual development.

We’ve witnessed the ever growing digital revolution taking leaps and bounds beyond what we’d ever thought possible. From live streaming fashion shows to selling your clothes through a few simple taps on an app we are endorsing this relationship.
But how far would you like to see it go?

Could an Apple runway be just a tap away?


Original Illustration by Jessie Gardiner. 

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