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New year, new you, many new places to be discovered. Few basic things to keep in mind before reading our Jet Set Kit guide by Ksenia: never forget a good reading, something which will inspire you and take your mind away from the dead waits at the airport, in the queue or at the baggage reception – aren’t you always the last one to get his suitcase out? Stick with neutrals, take with you a statement piece to feel that extra bit special and do thank your dearest ones if they happened to gift you at least one of these travel go-tos over Christmas. They must be great, or maybe they just read De Choix…

There is no part of travelling that’s more painful than packing. If you are a frequent flyer, then you surely know how important it is to get the best out of your baggage allowance by putting together the perfect jet-setter gear. Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday and no matter what your destination is, we spotted some common rules which will make your life on the go easier than ever.

Before the take off:
When packing for up to one week, stick with a neutral colour palette of blacks, whites, greys and camels that can easily be mixed and combined. Add some sharpness with textures, throw in a couple of patterns or stripes and opt for a colourful statement piece of accessory in case you needed to instantly upgrade any of your outfits – a bold necklace, for example.
Remember: being on the go doesn’t mean having to downgrade your style, but still, try to avoid having a luggage full of high maintenance garments.

Keep a travel wallet at hand so that your passport and boarding never get lost in your bag. No one does travel organising better than Smythson, and if you’re tired of the classics, give it a fashionable update by choosing one of Pantone’s Spring 2016 colours such as Serenity.

Images via Smythson’s Official Website.


Instead of fighting baggage allowance with a carry on or hardly walking around the airport with your overstuffed everyday tote, go for a well-sized weekend bag.
Menswear accessories often provide these little treasures that actually provide more room than their womenswear equivalents.
Givenchy offers some gorgeous options that will not sacrifice space for style. You can fit your mini cross body it-bag full of in-flight essentials within it, and take it out once you have boarded. It’s a win-win: you’ll be less likely to get checked at the gate, you can put the weekender in the lockers above your head without any obstruction for your legs and you will have all your essential at hand while you’re flying.

Images via Givenchy’s Official Website.


During the journey:
Air conditioning, both inside the aircraft and in the airport really drains your skin. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated from within and invest in a good hyaluronic acid or collagen based moisturiser to keep your skin glowing. If your flight lasts more than six hours, pack some extra Shiseido eye treatment to quickly restore vibrancy with a 15 minutes mask and a mini bottle of thermal water to spray on your skin every four hours.

Images via Shiseido’s Official Website.


Pack the perfect beauty essentials according to your destination: Boston and Bali in December require very different beauty kits and my personal favourites are from Aesop.
If you don’t feel like daring a full range of mini products, there is the standard Jet Set Kit that will get you through any kind of destination dilemma.
Be careful tough: if you do choose one of these special kits – such as the one dedicated to London – you might not be able to leave it even once you’ll be home again.

Images via Avene and Aesop.


Long haul flights scream for comfort and a good dose of relax, which are sometimes difficult to achieve in the constricted spaces of the aircraft, no matter what class your flying.
Make yourself at home by swapping your shoes for cosy cashmere socks and have an eye mask ready to leave the world outside.
Iluminage promises to deliver a rejuvenating sleeping effect with the copper oxide technology of its eye mask and pillow – you will wake up at the end of your flight looking better than Sleeping Beauty.

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating eye mask with patented copper technology

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating eye mask with patented copper technology

Image via Iluminage Beauty’s Official Website.


Forget the airline’s blanket. Invest in a versatile cashmere wrap that can be used as a scarf but big enough to be a blanket. Pick one in a neutral colour – such as a light grey – so that it’ll also work with the neutral colour palette you have already packed. Being coordinated always feels good.

Remember to carry with you a portable high capacity charger for your electronic devices. Lipstick-sized one are great for the city but when you travel – especially long distances – it’s worth investing in a more powerful one. That should allow you to charge your phone twice and/or charge more than one device at a time, especially in case you forgot your travel adaptor.

After the journey:
You made it! Now lay back, relax and enjoy.
Work if your trip commends you to, but don’t forget to get some time off to enjoy being in a different, possibly new place before jumping onto the next flight!

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