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Emergency Gift Guide For Princes And Paupers

If you liked Walker’s suggestions on emergency gifts, have you checked out his shopping tour guide yet? It’ll help you get all your nutrients while making the most of London’s shopping scene. Your wish being the fluffiest fur or the trendiest white little thing, we guide you through your wardrobe-enhancement missions. Oh, yes, we also give great gifts advices, and free hugs. 

At this time of year, the single most stressful part to end the day is gift giving. I’m speaking of how we all try to veer away from it, far too busy dealing with our fast paced lives to be concerned about what to give others at all. However, what comes up must inevitably come down and in order to prevent you from showing up to your work Christmas party – or worse, Christmas day with the relatives -empty handed, here we present a selection of gifts that would suit pretty much anyone.
Some of them might be last minute options, most of them are safe options too.
The best part of them all?
None shows lack of thought, no matter how little you actually put into it.

Penguin Postcards/Penguin Colouring in book
Penguin – worldly renowned publishing company – is known just as much for its books than it is for its merchandising products. From tea towels to laptop covers, they offer a such a wide range of options that books will no longer be the most obvious one when browsing for the classic last minute present. If an emergency gift is what you’re looking for, you might as well want to step away from books: a wrong choice might reveal how little you know about that person.
Hence my personal favourites:

Postcards from Penguin: 100 Book Jackets in One Box (Hardback)
Writing to each other in this smart phones-dominated age is becoming less and less. These postcards might be the perfect gift for someone who moved abroad, providing them a special, more personalised way of keeping in touch.

100 Penguin Covers Colouring Book – Waterstones Exclusive (Paperback)
I’m sure none of you have missed the latest trend in tapping into your inner self and true creativity: adult colouring in. Perfect for anyone who’s a whizz on their literature as it gives them the opportunity to colour in their favourite classics.
If you do happen to know their favourite one, find it among all the available options and put a book mark in there to add a personal touch.

Find them at Waterstones.

Smythons correspondence cards/Smythons notebook
Smythons of Bond Street is known or their beautifully crafted leather goods, pens and stationary, which also make for a great present. What’s better than gifting an upgraded, nicer looking version of our every day objects of use?
Plus, because of Smythons’ past and present glory, these gifts happen to look and feel much fancier than their actual price point.
Some of our favourites:

Correspondence Cards
Available in plain signature colours as well as several unique designs, these cards are another great way of bringing back the gift of correspondence.
I myself received these at about age 15 and was over the moon about them; this being quite a grown up gift, it shows teen agers a sense of respect for what they have to say.
The most difficult age group to find a gift for? You have it covered.

Panama notebook
They are also available in many colours, often corresponding to different seasons. For a slightly more quirky option, there are the notebooks with embossed motifs such as little black book on the front cover. The range of motifs and colours is impressive and might give the opportunity to reminisce on an inner joke between friends, or even a nod to knowing the person’s favourite colour.

Visit Smythons Website.

Anya Hindmarch Cosmetic bags
Anya Hindmarch is creating a proper stir within the fashion world, season after season, due to her innovative design and the creative subjects of it. Right now, her pieces are more sought after than ever, with a wide audience ranging from very different age groups following her pop-art footsteps.
Her cosmetic bags are a great options for your girlfriends, always in need of an extra bag for makeup or little things to be carried around all day long.
The Eyes girlie stuff bag – for example – is among our preferred ones.

Visit Anya Hindmarch’s Wesbite.

Tom Dixon Gifts
Quite easily one of the most famous interior designers around, Tom Dixon’s most recent pop up store at Selfridges had queues like no other.
A man always up for a challenge, he has recently embarked in the one of making his brand more accessible, while retaining luxury elements all round.
While browsing around one of his concessions I came across his gift section, filled with lovely objects from a candle snuffer to iconic gift tape. There’s no loss of quirky gifting here.

Visit Tom Dixon’s Website.


Hopefully, you haven’t made it to the end of this article as you got so inspired you just couldn’t wait to whiz around online and scoop all these great ideas and options!
In case you didn’t, know that there would be many more to be added to this emergency gifting guide, but in order to make it effective for you all, I decided this time to stick to the options I choose regularly and the brands I’ve been relying on for a while already.
They might haven’t spoked to you as much as they did to me, but I do hope they’ve been equally inspiring for you in the search of something which might not have been the most fabulous gift your dearest ones will receive, but something just right for them.
After all, that’s the foundation for all gifts.

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