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With two Radio1 A List singles in the last year, a summer spent performing at festivals such as Glastonbury and a brand new album in the making, Indiana’s success seems to be unstoppable. The Nottingham-based singer and song writer who debuted in 2012 with her first single – Blind as I am – and soon after released her first album via Sony Music has proved herself as an innovator of 80s inspired synth led electro pop. Mother of two, Lauren – aka Indiana – started writing songs while sitting next to her sister at her piano. But after dedicating the first phase of her career to discovering her true identity as a musician, Indiana is now confident enough to open up toward what has often turned a promising artist into a sensation: collaborations. Dance on my Heart, written and produced along with Mark Knight and Adrian Hour, features both the relentless and hypnotic energy of the electro duo and the ethereal melody and subtle vocals of Indiana, adding a depth to the record that contrasts its euphoric nature. We managed to catch Indiana in between the endless commitments that crowd her schedule to talk about the new musical direction she is embracing and how it all started in Buenos Aires.



Fashion, Markus Lupfer.
Lion earring, Bex Rox.

You debuted with your first album – No Romeo – in February. How did things change for you after the release?
I’m having a lot more fun with my new record. I’m so proud of what I achieved with No Romeo and of the fact that it has lead me to a new direction. Everything that happened after the release was so unexpected, but its taken a life of its own and it’s really exciting.

You also embarked on a UK this summer and performed at festivals such as Glastonbury. Tell us some more about that experience.
I love summer and festival season! I can’t wait for next year, especially knowing I’ll be playing my new record.

Earlier this year you’ve released and EP titled State of Play which featured covers of tracks such as George Michael’s Careless Whisper and Dolly Parton’s Jolene. Why covers?
I didn’t want to put out new material because I wasn’t ready to embark on my new path, but I still wanted to share something and keep working and putting myself out there. George and Dolly are iconic, I’d actually love for them to hear my covers.

Speaking of new tracks, tell us about Dance On My Heart.
Mark Knight emailed me asking if I’d be interested in writing together as he was a massive fan of my song Solo Dancing. I never collaborated whilst writing the first record as I wanted to be heard for myself through it and not attached to any other artist or group. Right now I feel like I’ve laid down the foundation of my profile and identity as a musician, so I thought the time was right to say yes.

What did you most enjoy about working with Mark and Adrian?
It’s a bit daunting, writing with someone you don’t know or never even met. I flew to LA to write and work in the first record and it was absolutely surreal, opening my soul to someone who just found out I’m called Lauren and not Indiana. But when it’s clicks it clicks. It’s crazy how writers can do that, just connect and suddenly the music starts flowing.

How did you manage to fuse your own sound with the electro duo’s ones?
I just did me, I guess. I didn’t think about the fact that there was a sort of fusion happening too much. Some have said that the three of us make an unfamiliar combination and that my voice doesn’t sit naturally on a track of that genre, but finally it works and it’s a welcomed change.

What would be the most important thing you feel you’ve learnt through this experience?
That I can try my hand at any genre. I might try happy hardcore next.

Do you plan to work with Mark and Adrian again in the future?
Who knows!

What are your plans for next year?
Record number two, shortly followed by world domination.


Rings, Mawi.

Swimsuit and kimono, House of Holland.
Necklace, Bex Rox.

Embellished sweater, Markus Lupfer.
Necklace, Mawi.

Photography by Sebastian WinterΒ 
Talent: Indiana
Makeup by Yin Lee
Hair by Oscar Alexander


Listen to Indiana’s latest tracks here.

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